Climate Change: From Fossil Fuels to a Renewable Energy Future

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“The War on Science and its Adverse Consequences”  LINK to suppl. presentation (tbd)

Some Political Aspects of the Environmental Crisis and Global Warming” LINK (tbd)


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 25 October 2016 for Space Coast Science Education Alliance, Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, Florida

 1 November 2016 for Marine Resources Council, Indian River Lagoon, Lagoon House, Palm Bay, Florida

Presenter:  William Ross McCluney, Ph.D., Principle Research Scientist, ret. Florida Solar Energy Center/UCF

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The Space Coast Science Education Alliance (SCSEA), founded 19XX by Dr McCluney (FSEC), Mike Hutton, Brevard Community College Planetarium Director, and representatives of other science-related education organizations in the region. See:

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Book listing at The War on Science by Shawn Otto    LINK

Scientific American Article: “A Plan To Defend Against the War on Science” by Shawn Otto     LINK

Article by Dr. McCluney: “Yes, We Can! A Path to 100% Renewables”        LINK

Article by Dr. McCluney: “The Cost of a 100% Conversion from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy” LINK



Roughly in order of topic appearance in slide show

Climate Change: From Fossil Fuels to a Renewable Energy Future


Paul Ehrlich I-PAT                               LINK       

Species extinction rate                       LINK



Killing coral                                         LINK



Fresh water declines                           LINK


Disappearing forests                           LINK



Nature’s services under attack           LINK



Rare Earth metals declining               LINK



Mauna Loa continuous record            LINK



Carbon Emissions from industry         LINK



North America Carbon Emissions       LINK



Arctic sea ice melt                              LINK



Land ice (glaciers) melting                 LINK1               LINK2




Skeptical about global warming?       LINK


Drought in the West 2015                  LINK



Oceans get warmer, storms stronger                                    LINK



Tornadoes Earlier in Tornado Alley    LINK



The War on Science by Shawn Otto   LINK




A Plan To Defend Against the War on Science,” by Shawn Otto LINK



Bloomberg New Energy PV Trend Chart:               LINK



U.S. Government Climate Program Links


U.S. Government:






U. S. Dept. of Agriculture:

U.S. Dept HHS:            U.S



Smithsonian Institution:


Private, Non-Profit, Climate Change Organization Links                                               

Union of Concerned Scientists     

The Climate Reality Project           

The Sierra Club                                 


The Post Carbon Institute              

Citizens’ Climate Lobby